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Four Seasons

Tremolo / Booster

Many of our effects are based on vintage schematics. The same thing happens in case of Four seasons pedal. We used Tremolo scheme from 1968 and modified it, the way, that it can fulfil booster function.

Well-constructed input layout allows to boost the signal in really pleasant way. Available knobs are Depth, Speed, Volume and a switch that allows us choosing mode, between Tremolo or Boost. There is also an additional diode, which shows us what is a tempo of Tremolo effect.




  • knobs: mix, volume/boost, depth, speed,
  • switches: on/off true bypass, tremolo/booster,
  • power supply- 9 VDC,
  • WIMA film capacitors in the signal path,
  • low noise resistors (metalized),
  • potentiometers ALPHA,
  • dimensions: 112x60x31mm,
  • standard polarization (minus inside), plug 2.1 mm,
  • no battery supply.

audio / video

Demo :