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Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Our products are warranted for two years.
  2. The warranty covers all defects related to system malfunction resulting from damage to the constituent components and / or manufacturing defects.
  3. Defects disclosed during the guarantee period shall be removed no later than 14 working days, counted from the date of receipt of the product for repair.
  4. The warranty does not cover:
    • mechanical damage to the products and their components, such as switches, potentiometers, knobs, covers, sockets and signal power outlet. If necessary, we can replace such items for a small fee,damages associated with system connecting to inadequate power supply, especially with reverse polarity power supply and inadequate level of tension (see below),
    • damages caused as a result of flooding, fire, lightning strikes and other natural disasters,
    • normal wear and tear, being the result of using,
    • mechanism subjected to processing, alteration or repair by persons not authorized to do so by the maker of a product.
  5. Faulty product should be returned to the subject from whom it was purchased.
  6. The shipping costs are paid by the customer.
  7. All components are checked before the crafting process. The results are tested at the stage of post-production and before the shipping to the customer. They were made in a reliable way, but we cannot guarantee that after the collapse of 4th floor or crashing by T-72 tank they will work properly.
  8. The product delivered to the repair without the proof of purchase (receipt / VAT invoice), incomplete or with damaged warranty seal shall be automatically sent to the customer with the repair refusal.
All effect pedals contains power outlet polarity - Plus (+) outside, minus (-) inside.
Effects damaged due to power connections with reversed polarity or excessive voltage is not covered by the warranty.




All products bought on can be returned not later than 14 days from the date of purchase. The condition for acceptance the return is to receive the product in perfect condition, with its original packaging and proof of purchase. The return object must be in perfect mechanical, cosmetic and functional condition.

Upon receipt, the product of a return is precisely checked. In case of fulfilment of above criteria, all costs will be refunded, without any reservations.